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Together,This dynamic couple combines clinical excellence with visionary leadership, steering Shiv Jyoti Eye Hospital towards new heights in ophthalmic care and patient service.

Medical Director,
M. S. Ophthal Consultant Cataract, Refractive & Glaucoma Surgeon

Consultant Cataract, Refractive & Glaucoma Surgeon A seasoned ophthalmologist, Dr. Bhargav Kotadia specializes in cataract, refractive, and glaucoma surgeries, with a passion for hospital administration. His leadership as Medical Director ensures top-tier patient care and technological advancement in the hospital.

Consultant Cataract,
Refractive & Squint Surgeon M. S. Ophthal

Dr. Kanisha Kotadia, the CEO, excels in cataract, refractive, and squint surgeries, leveraging her unique family background in ophthalmology. She focuses on strategic hospital management, emphasizing patient-centered care and operational efficiency.

Don’t let Cataract affect your quality of life

Cloudy, blurry, hazy or colourless vision leads to extreme discomfort to your dear ones. Help them revive their vision and give them freedom to live independently with newly renewed perfect eyesight. Shiv Jyoti Eye Hospital offers an uncomplicated, safe and comfortable cataract procedure. List of Cashless Insurance Collaborations List of EMI facilities available
Artificial Intelligence

Cataract Surgery
No Blade, No Stitch
No Pain, No Injection

Just like your fingerprint is completely unique to you, Contoura Lasik creates a procedure that's completely unique to your eyes. Contoura Lasik procedure gives you sharpness unmatched by any LASIK or SMILE procedure so restore clear vision and return to work the next day.

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Introducing the first Dry, Red & Sore Eye Treatment in Gujarat

In this digital age, dry eyes have become an epidemic. It is an irritating eye condition that occurs when the eyes don’t make enough tears or the tears evaporate more than usual. This makes the eyes dry and red. At Shiv Jyoti Eye Hospital, we have procured IDRA dry eye diagnostic instrument making us the first in Gujarat to offer unique and extensive dry eye assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

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raj chudasmaraj chudasma
04:53 15 Jan 24
Great Experience for cartac surgery of My mother and father
Hetal PrajapatiHetal Prajapati
04:52 15 Jan 24
For cataract surgeryI like all operating system
Pravin SoneriPravin Soneri
05:08 03 Jan 24
Contoura vision was easy, efficient and cost friendly. The team at Shiv Jyoti were very helpful and were able to guide us to a safe and easy route to my sons vision correction.
Chauhan RajendraChauhan Rajendra
05:22 29 Dec 23
Best service in this hospital 👍
Niharika KariyaNiharika Kariya
04:38 28 Dec 23
I have contoura surgery done in this hospital.This hospital provides good facilities and very good treatment to the patients. In Ahmedabad this is the best hospital for any eye surgery with latest technology.Om shanti 🇲🇰
Darshan ChitaraDarshan Chitara
05:44 27 Nov 23
I have cataract surgery done in. Shiv Jyoti eye care and i was not seeing properly from 1 year now I do check up here and told me to do cataract surgery for my both eyes and the surgery was successfully done and after putting the new advanced lens and now I can really see properly
Akash RathodAkash Rathod
08:38 25 Nov 23
I have done, Contoura Vision surgery from Shiv Jyoti hospital recently. First of all very good experience with the staffs & doctors. All staffs are very friendly, you don't have to wait more even if there is rush in hospital. They manage all the patients in a way that you do not have to wait anywhere in any type of queue. All tests performed before surgery without any long wait time.Laser Surgery is very easy, there is no pain no blade used. It is totally machine based. It max takes 2 min over bed.. the main part in my scenario laser only took 4-5 sec. However, it is very easy i did not even realise my sight got perfect in matter of minutes. After rest of 5 hours there is no pain no itchiness from the same day of surgery. My eyes feels like nothing happened and magically my powers got away & i got my natural vision back.Contoura Vision is latest, effective & best technology till date. So definitely you can go with shiv jyoti eye hospital with high skilled experienced doctors & very friendly staffs. All other cities in india provides contoura vision at very high cost. If you are in Ahmedabad or planning to visit in Ahmedabad you can must visit Shiv jyoti Hospital.
05:18 11 Nov 23
I had a positive experience with Contoura Eye Surgery at Shiv Jyoti Eye Hospital. The doctor and staff were incredibly helpful throughout the process. I recommend this hospital to anyone experiencing eye-related issues. Thank you for restoring my vision 😊
Ankita KananiAnkita Kanani
05:36 08 Nov 23
Had contoura vision lasik surgery for a good price. Regular follow-ups provided for free by the hospital. Very friendly staff. Instructions provided in the report are very helpful and to the point. Great experience. Best in ahmedabad.
Anil SharmaAnil Sharma
15:12 23 Aug 23
Hi,I am writing this review after 2 weeks of Cataract surgery which my mother had gone thru for both the eyes within one week of time span.Starting from first day of Consultation till the day of Surgery the Doctor and Nursing staff were very supportive and co-operative.This Hospital is equipped with state-of the art facilities,providing cost effective treatement, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at its best.They had guided and instructed us very well during pre and post surgery.My mother is now happy and can see everything clearly without any complications.At last ,we would like to thank Shiv Jyoti hospital, Dr Bhargav and their Hospital staff for giving us such an increadible experience with great results.Godspeed!

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