Contoura Vision Treatment

The simplest and easiest way to see your world without glasses or contact lenses

The Only True Eyesight-Restoring Treatment

No Blade

No Pain

No Stitch

No Bandage

No Injections

No Hospitalisation

Walk Out Specs Free

Fast Recovery

What makes Contoura better than conventional Lasik?
For the vision you were born with

  • Sharpest Vision: Contoura Vision corrects the unique fingerprint of your eye for a 6/6 Vision

  • Most precise: Contoura Vision with the help of topolyser maps out 22,000 data points and corrects the Corneal Irregularities.

  • Best Results: Contoura is a treatment that improves vision by targeting the Visual Axis. The results are much better than those from LASIK and SMILE.
The World's Most Advanced Lasik Vision Correction

CONTOURA® Vision reduces many of the typical symptoms associated with LASIK & SMILE

Light Sensitivity

Difficulty Driving at Night


Difficulty in Reading



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